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What to DoEdit

When you start, take in your surroundings. If it's night, to prevent yourself from dying, keep moving and stay on the lower grounds. If you are stuck in a pit, reset. Go to the dark green area and look around for little brown rectangles, which are twigs. Collect them with "Q" and get as many as you can hold. Open invetory with "E" and right click on any twig. Then sellect "Craft" and do this again ith another. Press accept to make a stick. Make 2 more sticks and craft the 3 sticks into a wooden plate. Then craft 2 sticks and a wooden plate into an axe. With the axe, chop down some trees for food and wood. The rest is up to you to discover!


Avoid Players - If you dont know them, they will probably kill you and steal your stuff!

Avoid Bears - They can easily kill you!

Old Servers - You will most likely spawn in an old server, where recources are rare, all you need is an axe to start off!