This page contains all upcoming features for the game.

Confirmed UpdatesEdit

ZackZak is has not confirmed any updates yet.

Update IdeasEdit

Add stone axes, pickaxes and hammers which are faster.

Add steel tools, made by steel plates (2 Steel nuggets)

Add stone barricades

Leaves that fall off trees

Rope (3 Leaves)

Ladders (2 rope 2 logs)

Blanket (For players who spawn at night) 4 leaves, player is stationary while using.

Bow (1 Rope 3 sticks)

Arrows (1 flint 1 twig 1 leaf)

Snowball (1 snow)

Freezer (3 snowballs 2 logs)

Oil (Mined with drill) Oil only appears for a bit so you have to collect with bucket

Wooden Drill (2 sticks 1 handle 1 wire)

Handle (1 Log)

Stone Drill (2 stone 1 handle 1 wire)

Steel Drill (2 steel 1 handle 1 wire)

Wire (4 steel)

Generator (4 wires)

Wooden Windmill (1 Generator 2 wires 1 log, More effiecent than generator)

Stone Windmill (1 generator 2 wires 1 stone plate)

Steel Windmill (1 Generator 2 wires 1 steel plate)

Worktable (4 wooden plates, has 4 more slots)

Make the fire starter harder to create fire, (30% chance of lighting, Only can be used 3 times)

Lighter (2 oil 1 steel nugget 1 cog)

Cog (3 steel nuggets)

Charcoal (Made from burning trees)

Coal (Mining)