Uninhabited's Game Picture


Bear Shirt - Bear Fur + Bear Fur + Bear Fur

Bear Pants - Bear Fur + Bear Fur

Pigskin Sack - Pig skin + Pig skin + Pig skin + Pig skin


Stick - Twig + Twig

Wood Plate - Stick + Stick + Stick

Bear Pants - Bear Fur + Bear Fur

Bear Shirt - Bear Fur + Bear Fur +  Bear Fur

Stone Plate - Stone + Stone


Wooden Sword - Stick + Wooden Plate + Wooden Plate

Pickaxe - Stick + Stick + Stick + Stick

Wooden Axe - Stick + Stick + Wooden Plate

Bucket - Wooden Plate + Stick + Stick + Stick

Fire Starter - Flint Nugget + Steel Nugget

Torch - Log + Fire Starter

Stone Sword - Stick + Stone Plate + Stone Plate

Stone Knife - Stick + Stone Plate

Hammer - Stick + Stick + Stick + Log


Barrier - Log + Log + Log + Log

Gate - Log + Log + Log

Fire Pit - Rock + Log + Log + Rock

Chest - Log + Log + Log + Steel Nugget


Stone - Obtained by mining

Flint nugget - Obtained by mining

Steel nugget - Obtaind by mining

Bear fur - Obtained by using knife on dead Bear

Pig Skin - Obtained by using knife on dead Pig

Pork - Obtained by using knife on dead Pig

Survival tipsEdit

Surviving at night - If you wanna survive at night without a torch or campfire, stay at low ground, sprint around or stay under lower trees (make sure you have enough hunger and thirst)

Building a base - While building a base, make sure you make it with only 1-2 exits and ways in, build the walls 2 barricades high, make sure there ain't no way to jump in. It's also good if you have some trees in your base to avoid attacks from above.

Team up - If you wanna team up make sure you can trust him/them.

Getting stuff - When you're going out for stuff make sure that you know where your base is. It's also good if you always have at least 1 guy with swords at your base. Make sure you can get to a camp fire or have a torch before it gets dark.

Overheating - Most people die of hypothermia, but overheating is a very real threat also. When wearing bear-skin clothing make sure that you don't get too close to a fire. You may also overheat from being at a low alititude during daytime. To prevent overheating get high up into the mountains during the day, scavenging the lowlands at night.

Resources - There is a finite amount of resources on each server. To ensure that the resources (trees and animals) don't run out, you need to breed/plant more. To breed animals you need to get two together and in about 5 minutes another will pop out. For trees, plant their seeds at appropriate altitudes. You should also alert the other players about this.